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Zero Charge™ Finger Cotes

AFC-L - Pink Finger Cotes, diam. 18mm (apx. 3"), Antistatic, Class 100, Powder Free

Natural Rubber (Not Latex), Antistatic, Elongation.600%, Class 100, Powder Free, Tensile strength>200kg per cm2, Packed in Vacuum sealed bag containing 10 gross=1440pcs

All Finger Cotes conform to the standard of ASTM, are applied to the manufacturing of semiconductor, precise electronic components, high-technology industry, biotech, hospitals and laboratories.


Item Code Spec Ref Standard
Average weight (g) 0.52±0.02 ASTM D3772
Width (mm) 30±2
Length (mm) 70±5 (65±5; cut type)
Thickness (mm) 0.09±0.03

Physical Specification

Tests (unit) Spec Ref standard
Tensile Strength (Mpa) ≥ 24 ASTM D3772/D412
Elongation at break (%) ≥ 750

ESD Specification

Tests (unit) Spec Ref standard
Surface resistivity (Ω/cm2) ≤1011 ANSI/ESD-STM11.11
Decay time (sec) < 3.0
Static charge (v) ≤50
Tribo-Electric charge (v) 150

Cleanliness Specification

Tests (unit) Spec Ref standard
Particle count (0.5-20μm; counts/cm2) ≤1200 IEST-RP-CC005.2
[F+Cl+Br] (μg/cm2) < 3.10
[NO3] (μg/cm2) < 0.14
[SO4] (μg/cm2) < 0.30
[PO4] (μg/cm2) < 0.03
[Na] (μg/cm2) < 0.85

Packing and Storage

144 pcs/gross; 10 gross/bag;
Finger cots should be kept in a cool, dry place to prolong shelf life. Should avoid direct sunlight.


This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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