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ACCURA™ Meters

Part #: SuperMeter

SuperMeter - Multifunction Multimeter Measuring Temperature, Humidity, Sound Level, Light (LUX Meter) , and having all Multimeter functions with auto protection


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Part #: K-TC1

K-TC1 Thermocouple Meter


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Part #: K-TC Probe 1.5-150

Hand Held K-TC Probe 1.5mm diameter, 150mm long


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Part #: EASY-1

EASY-1 Auto ranging Digital MultiMeter with "K" thermocouple and battery tester


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Part #: PS-3/18 SpaceSaver

PS-3-18 SpaceSaver - Laboratory Power Supply


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Part #: PS-3/30 WorkHorse

PS-3-30 WorkHorse - Laboratory Power Supply


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Part #: Test-1

Test-1 Network Cable Tester


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