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Goot BrandSoldering Irons For Sheet Metal HP-150/200/300

  • Use nichrome heater with high quality mica
  • Economical, high efficiency and low power consumption (Energy saving type)
  • Use wooden handle which provides high insulation and stays cool
  • Standard copper tip allows shaping to match the work being done

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MODEL Voltage /V Consumption /W Length /mm Weight /g Standard Tip


110-130, 220-240 AC 150 360 450 T-13A


110-130, 220-240 AC


390 610 T-16A


110-130, 220-240 AC 300 390 710 T-19A

Spare Parts

HP-150 Heater  HP-150H
HP-200 Heater HP-200H
HP-300 Heater HP-300H

Replacement Tips

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